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A good manager… (2)

Masih ingat tulisan di sini ? Saya cuplikkan kalimat persisnya dari novel tersebut ya…

The manager has to learn to trust her gut, lead from the heart, and build soul into the team and into the organization.
The gut: “The gut is for people decisions. The best managers are the ones with the best gut. The key brain function a manager has to master is to learn to trust her gut.”
The heart: “It’s your heart that people respond to. They don’t follow you because you’re clever or always right, but because they love you.”
The soul: “The role of the manager is creating the atmosphere where healthy interactions have their best chance to happen.”

Untuk jadi a good manager, kita bukan hanya harus belajar dari buku-buku tebal saja, tapi harus melatih gut, heart, dan soul

Ada tambahannya: A great manager also needs a nose for bullshit…

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