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The Code Name: Swing

Kenapa paket untuk GUI-nya Java disebut Swing ?

Ini ceritanya (yang bercerita adalah Jeff Dinkins satu dari Swing engineers dan former manager dari Swing team):

The story is: The team went to Hobees for lunch, and the topic turned to what to name the new toolkit we were writing. Up till then the name was code named KFC, which was chosen by our manager (Rick Levenson) as a way to ensure we’d come with with a better name before shipping; he knew there was no way “KFC”, aka Kentucky Fried Chicken, would be allowed by the lawyers.

Some names that were tossed around included Juliet and Carousel. There were many more, but none felt “just right.”

Finally after lunch, while driving back to Sun, Amy Fowler (lead engineer of the team) asked our most hip team member, Georges Saab, “Georges, you know what’s up and coming… what’s the new happening thing in San Francisco?”

Georges responded with “Swing dancing is getting to be really big.” And that was it, we all knew it was perfect. When we got back to the office I did a global search and replace of “kfc” with “swing”, and the rest is history.

Diambil dari sini.

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